Terms and Conditions

Our Commitment to you: To provide the best possible treatment and care to you and your horse/pony/donkey.


All our fees are subject to VAT at the current rate. Fees are determined upon the amount of time, expertise, intensity and type of treatment used. The technical equipment used is also a factor as well as the drugs and consumables used.


Itemised invoices are produced for each case. All new Clients are required to pay by Credit/Debit Card or Cash on their first appointment with us. Payment is due within 30 days of the date of the invoice. Failure to pay will result in a 5% surcharge for overdue accounts, and 5% interest for each additional month.

In the event that court action is necessary all associated costs are levied to the Client.

For non-insured horses where high fees are expected, a deposit may be requested at the start of treatment.

Inability to pay fees

If a client is unable to pay their fees in full they should contact the Clinic to discuss this with the Practice Manger or Director. In some circumstances, regular part payments can be arranged until the balanced is cleared.

Methods of payment

We accept: Bank Transfer, Cheque (from established clients only), credit/debit card and cash.

Equine Insurance

Clients are required to contact their insurance company at the earliest opportunity to notify them that a claim will be made. An insurance form must be given to Anchorage Barn Equine Clinic to complete and sign. We strongly encourage the policy holder to request the insurance company to pay us direct. Please read your policy carefully for any exclusions or items the insurer will not pay for. Any outstanding amounts must be paid in full by the Client. Regardless of whether the horse is insured or not, the entire bill remains the responsibility of the Client.

Equine Passports

It is a legal requirement that all horses/ponies/donkeys have a valid passport. We will ask to see the passport when the animal is examined or admitted.

Data Protection

We will only process data necessary for animal health care. We will not pass on any of your personal data without your permission, unless required by law to do so. The information we collect is stated in our Privacy Policy. We endeavour to maintain up to date details and remove details which are no longer in use or incorrect. We request the Client to notify us of any data changes.

If an individual requests removal of personal data from our system, we will do so, if the data cannot be shown to be needed by the Clinic for legal reasons (adhering to GDPR). An individual has the right to lodge a Complaint with a relevant supervisory authority.